9W light bar Led pcba
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  • Air Pro9W light bar Led pcba
  • Air Pro9W light bar Led pcba

9W light bar Led pcba

1)Conventional goods are available in stock and can be shipped on the same day. 2)Samples are shipped within 7 days. 3)Prices are laddered according to the quantity of the printed circuit board.

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Product Description

1. Parameters:

9W light bar Led pcba
Input parameters 110~220V
Output parameter 9W
Specifications and size 9W 2 diameters 31*1.8CM, 12 lamp beads (1.5W/pc)
Specifications: 9W 3 strips with a diameter of 31*1.8CM, 18 lamp beads (1.5W/pc)
Specification size 9W4 strips diameter 31*1.8CM, 24 lamp beads (1.5W/pc)
Specification and size 9W 2 strips 40*1.8CM in diameter, 12 lamp beads (1.5W/pc)
Specification and size 9W 3 strips 40*1.8CM in diameter, 18 lamp beads (1.5W/pc)
Specification size 9W4 strips 40*1.8CM in diameter, 24 lamp beads (1.5W/pc)
Lighting range 5-10㎡
Color temperature three colors (optional)
Applicable object Indoor other /other

2. Features and applications:

1)Engineers use stable and intelligent IC driver design, constant current and constant voltage, no flicker, energy saving and power saving, durable and stable,

2)Peak and nest design, no refraction and luminescence, the same light consumption, stronger light

3)Parallel design of lamp beads, stable constant current without flickering

Thicker aluminum substrate, faster heat dissipation, effectively solves the heat dissipation of the lamp body, and longer life

5)Application: applicable object Indoor other /other

3. Detailed introduction:

Self-owned brand
Brand Purpose
Good products, better service
Warranty Commitment
Two-year warranty with five compensation for our problem
Color temperature
Optional (white light, warm white light, warm yellow light)
Colo temperature description
White light: Positive white light, like the sun at noon, is close to ordinary energy-saving lamps, with higher lumens and color rendering, widely used
Warm white light: also known as neutral light, it is the middle of white light and warm light
Warm yellow light: also known as warm light, which is close to changing the luminous color of incandescent light bulbs. The warm atmosphere can be used to create a warm and erotic atmosphere.
Environmental protection
Lead free process

4. Quality appraisal

1)For each of our products, we will design a dedicated test equipment. Every product is an empirical test. Not a random test.

This is one of the product test equipment:

5. Packing

The circuit board is packed in a custom-made carton, anti-collision and shockproof, and PE bag moisture-proof packaging.

6. Attachment Information

1)Conventional goods are available in stock and can be shipped on the same day.

2)Samples are shipped within 7 days.

3)Prices are laddered according to the quantity of the printed circuit board.

4)Custom instructions:

As long as you tell us your functional requirements, our engineers will provide you with design, development and production solutions. We can design into any shape and size. We have completed tens of thousands of customizations. We know how to design and produce electronic products that require professionalism and consistency. Our production is fully automatic production line, which can provide you with products with stable quality and consistent performance. Establishing long-term cooperative relations is conducive to maintaining stable product quality and follow-up technical services.

Our company mainly does customization and there is no ready-made ones. The pictures on the Internet are some samples we ordered for customers.

7. Order and payment delivery method

1)Payment method: 30% payment in advance, balance paid after shipment.

2)Ship immediately if the spot quantity meets the requirements.

3)If you do not know the product, please go to our showroom to see the sample, confirm and order, the quality is OK to order, delivery if there is a difference between the product and the sample can support the return and exchange, quality is based on the sample!

8. Introduction to circuit board services:

The pre-sale meeting will actively communicate with customers in detail information, customer needs, product parameters, quality standards, provide consultation, accept telephone orders and mail orders, and provide a variety of convenience and financial services.

Provide customers with the best solution of performance price ratio in sales, actively track contract signing, goods delivery and help customers solve difficulties.

After sale: 1. If it is the quality problem of the product itself, it leads to dissatisfaction. We will help the customer to solve the problem as soon as possible during the agreed period. 2. If the product cannot be used normally due to human factors. We explain the cause of the problem to the customer, indicating that such a problem is not covered by our warranty, and then provide other solutions to the customer according to the customer's problem.

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