About Us

Dongguan Changsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2016, focusing on the functional design and development of PCBA circuit board. In March 2017, a PCBA circuit board SMT production workshop was established, and in June 2017, a PCBA circuit board dip production workshop was established. In August 2019, 6 SMT production lines and 3 dip production lines will be expanded to improve the production and manufacturing capacity of PCBA circuit boards.


Dongguan Changsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of PCBA circuit boards, focusing on the R & D, design, manufacturing and manufacturing of PCBA circuit boards.The products are used in all kinds of smart home, integrated circuit, mobile power supply, Bluetooth, headset, audio, PCBA circuit board and PCBA control board. There are 12 SMT mounters, 6 solder paste printers, 6 reflow soldering machines, 3 wave soldering machines and 5 assembly lines.


It mainly provides the development and manufacturing of PCBA circuit boards for Amazon, Ali international, global resources, Jingdong and tmall. It is sold to European countries such as the United States, Canada, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Britain and other European countries as well as China. The annual output value of the company is nearly 60 million.

The pre-sale meeting will actively communicate with customers in detail information, customer needs, product parameters, quality standards, provide consultation, accept telephone orders and mail orders, and provide a variety of convenience and financial services. Provide customers with the best solution of performance price ratio in sales, actively track contract signing, goods delivery and help customers solve difficulties.

After sale: 1. If it is the quality problem of the product itself, it leads to dissatisfaction. We will help the customer to solve the problem as soon as possible during the agreed period. 2. If the product cannot be used normally due to human factors. We explain the cause of the problem to the customer, indicating that such a problem is not covered by our warranty, and then provide other solutions to the customer according to the customer's problem.