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Dongguan Changsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of PCBA circuit boards, focusing on the R & D, design, manufacturing and manufacturing of PCBA circuit boards. The products are used in all kinds of smart home, integrated circuit, mobile power supply, Bluetooth, headset, audio, PCBA circuit board and PCBA control board. There are 12 SMT mounters, 6 solder paste printers, 6 reflow soldering machines, 3 wave soldering machines and 5 assembly lines.

It mainly provides the development and manufacturing of PCBA circuit boards for Amazon, Ali international, global resources, Jingdong and tmall. It is sold to European countries such as the United States, Canada, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Britain and other European countries as well as China. The annual output value of the company is nearly 60 million.

  • A:t are the functions of the lithium battery protection board PCBA? The lithium battery protection board PCBA is a protection for the charging and discharging of series-connected lithium battery packs. When fully charged, it can ensure that the voltage difference between the individual cells is less than the set value (generally ±20mV), realize the equal charge of the individual cells of the battery pack, and effectively improve the charging effect in the series charging mode. At the same time, it detects the overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and overtemperature status of each single battery in the battery pack to protect and extend the battery life. Under-voltage protection prevents each single cell battery from being damaged due to over-discharge during discharge. How much do you know about the PCBA function of lithium battery protection board? Changsen made a comprehensive analysis for everyone:

  • Speaking of wireless charging, many people who haven't used it think it's amazing, but those who have used it have different understandings, and some think it is more troublesome, and it has to have the best effect. Studies have shown that if we do not align the mobile phone with the wireless charging board coil, it may take longer to charge and heat up for a longer time, which will affect the battery life of the mobile phone. In other words, it is better to align on the one hand, and it is also very troublesome on the other. At this time, a charging board is the best. Here, you have experienced a smart tracking wireless charger of Xiaomi, which has a motor and sliding mechanism inside, which can move the coil to the wireless charging position of the mobile phone, which is more convenient.


  • The lithium battery protection board PCBA is the charging and discharging protection for the series-connected lithium battery pack.


  • People who are studying electronics often seem to be confused about the rating of the power supply. Before I think a typical AC / DC wall-mounted power supply should have an accurate output current value printed on the label, I have talked to some people about this issue.