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Changsen PCBA production cycle and quotation


Changsen PCBA production cycle and quotation

The PCBA production process of Changsen factory includes material procurement, PCB production, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA testing, etc. Therefore, in addition to the production time, the PCBA production cycle must also include the material procurement time. In the time period of PCBA production, the time for material procurement and PCBA production is the longest.
1. Material procurement/PCB production

Material procurement and PCB production are carried out almost at the same time. Generally speaking, the time for PCB production is longer than the time for material procurement, but for some special materials or original materials, the procurement cycle will be longer, which will greatly increase the cycle of PCBA production. The delivery time of materials is relatively short. Stable, the following is mainly about the PCB production time.

1. Double panel is generally enough for 5-7 days, and the batch is about 12 days

2, 4, 6 layer board proofing 10-15 days, batch 25-30 days

3, 8 layer board proofing 20-25 days, batch 35-40 days
2, SMT patch + DIP plug-in

The production time of SMT patch and DIP plug-in is relatively short, but it also depends on the difficulty of the process and whether the order quantity of the factory is full.

Proofing time, the normal delivery time is about 3 days.

Normal batch, the normal delivery time is about 7 days.
3, PCBA test

Proofing test, usually 2 days

Batch test, usually 6 days

In the actual PCBA production process, it will also be affected by various factors. In addition, according to different PCBA processing plants, the PCBA production cycle will fluctuate up and down.

PCBA is a general term for PCB welding in China. It includes three parts (PCB circuit board, SMT patch, electronic component welding), then the PCBA processing quotation must be determined by these three parts.

One. PCB board: the board-making information and board-making instructions files required for the latest price of PCB. If the information is complete, sort out all the information, how much is the special process to be charged separately, plus other miscellaneous fees, basically a complete set of prices can be quoted within 2 hours. If there are still many newest prices waiting ahead, it's a different matter.

2. SMT chip processing section: This module is mainly an accounting of processing fees. Usually PCBA factories calculate money based on points, and the price verification time can be done within 1 hour.

3. Electronic components module: electronic components include conventional resistance-capacitance and special devices. The current market for conventional components is transparent, and it is easier to evaluate the price, but some special BGA/IC will be more troublesome. Many special electronic components will involve international embargoes, strict approval procedures, long customs clearance time, and unstable prices. Case. So the latest price cycle is usually 3 to 4 days.