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Mobile phone wireless charger PCBA solution


Mobile phone wireless charger PCBA solution

CHANGSEN wireless charging PCBA new solution sharing

Overview of wireless charging PCBA

Wireless charging PCBA is a low-power wireless charger, which realizes short-distance wireless power transmission through electromagnetic induction, and is suitable for wireless charging of low-power digital electronic wireless charging PCBA, eliminating the cumbersome wired charging. The QI1.2 wireless charging standard can wirelessly charge all receiving devices that meet the standard.

Wireless charging PCBA parameters

1. Input voltage: DC5V1.5~2A, if the voltage exceeds this range, it will alarm and stop charging.

2. Output voltage: 5V±0.1V

3. Charging current: 1A to 2A

4. Charging power: the maximum can reach 10W

5. Conversion efficiency: greater than 73%

6. Transmission distance: maximum 10mm, the recommended distance between receiving and sending is 2mm~4mm

7. Standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW

8. Over-temperature protection: When the temperature is higher than 60° during charging, the charging will stop automatically for 1 minute, and then recharge after the temperature drops.

9. Over-current protection: When the output current is greater than 2A during charging, the charging will be automatically stopped to prevent damage to the charger

10. Executive standard: Qi wireless charging standard

11. Wireless charging PCBA certification: CE/FCC, compatible with QI certification standard

12. Working frequency: 110- 205KHZ

13. Indicator light: blue light when charging, green light when fully charged, flashing alternately when malfunctioning

Wireless charging PCBA feature size

The shape can be designed according to customer needs

Wireless charging PCBA solution function

Compatible with WPC1.2 standard single-coil wireless charging transmitter, backward compatible and suitable for QI standard wireless charging receiver.

Wireless charging PCBA application field

Smart phone, smart key, smart insole, smart card, smart earphone