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Changsen's new development and production of small fan PCBA, affirmed by users


Changsen's new development and production of small fan PCBA, affirmed by users

A must-have fan in summer! Good-looking and portable

Now everyone is used to wearing masks to work.

The outside of the mask is cool air, while inside the mask is a stuffy, sweaty, oily face...

Coupled with the high temperature in summer, the face is just like a steamed bun in a steamer, hot and stuffy, and it comes with oil and sweat...

When everyone used a portable fan in Changsen, it was like this:

All in all, we showed the "laziness" to the fullest.

And because our entire office has a very high evaluation of it, I decided to take it out and share it with you. The small fan PCBA developed by changseng outperforms other small fan PCBA in terms of appearance and convenience.

It can be arranged in any way. It feels like buying a fan but getting many different fans. It's cool!

2. A small USB fast charging port is set on the handle, and the suitable charging head is also very wide. Basically normal Android chargers can be used. If the fan is out of power when you usually go shopping, put the power bank in your bag and hang up the small fan, you can use it while charging, and you don’t need to hold it. It’s a must for a lazy person!

3. It is the same size as a mobile phone, and it is very convenient to put away the bag if you don’t use it~

4. The weight is the same as sports earphones, measured by a scale, it is only 150g, which is almost as heavy as a pack of paper towels.

5. Hang around your neck and blow, even if you wear a mask, you won’t feel stuffy, because there is always a gentle wind to breathe inside, which is super comfortable~

The biggest surprise of this small fan PCBA is: the wind is big, and it is not! often! soft! with!

The first time I used it, I was attracted by its sense of use. When the wind blows to the face, it has the softness of cotton.

Because the wind is very gentle, even if you wear invisible eyes and blow it all day, you will not feel dry eyes.

There are three levels of the small fan PCBA, one level is pressed once, and the corresponding level of light will also light up, and so on: Moreover, the use feeling and use time of each level are different:

The first gear is a soft wind gear that can last for 8 hours, the wind is gentle and quiet, and the first gear can be used during a company nap or when it is used by a baby.

The second gear is a cool wind gear

It can last for 5 hours. It can be used when eating or working in the company. The wind is moderate and it does not dry eyes.

The third gear is a strong wind gear

It can last for 3 hours. Compared with the first and second gears, it will have a little dry eyes, but I think it is completely acceptable. Generally, I use this grade when I go out shopping.

It only takes 2.5-3 hours to fully charge each time it is used up, and it can also be charged while using it, so there is no need to worry about safety~

When charging, it will display an orange light, if it is full, the light will automatically go out~

A must-have small fan in summer, Changsen’s new development and production of small fan PCBA is preferred.