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The era of wireless charging has really come,


The era of wireless charging has really come,

Speaking of wireless charging, many people who haven't used it think it's amazing, but those who have used it have different understandings, and some think it is more troublesome, and it has to have the best effect. Studies have shown that if we do not align the mobile phone with the wireless charging board coil, it may take longer to charge and heat up for a longer time, which will affect the battery life of the mobile phone. In other words, it is better to align on the one hand, and it is also very troublesome on the other. At this time, a charging board is the best. Here, you have experienced a smart tracking wireless charger of Xiaomi, which has a motor and sliding mechanism inside, which can move the coil to the wireless charging position of the mobile phone, which is more convenient.

First of all, I saw the packaging, the design of this product is still very simple. Its maximum output is 20W, which has good efficiency and does not make the product too hot to control the temperature. The device consists of a charging board, a charging cable and a charging head. The charging head supports up to 45W. It is also good to unplug the charging board and directly charge the phone directly, but with the charging board, you may not like to use the cable.

The charging board is connected through the Type-C interface, which has strong versatility. There is a green LED light at the coil position, which will usually return to the position, and then wait for the user to put the phone on. , As long as the mobile phone coil is placed in this larger area, the charging coil will automatically come over. The power can reach up to 20W, and the speed is still very fast. Even if the mobile phone with a large battery such as the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, you can see that the power is increasing rapidly.

Even with a mobile phone case, it can still be charged, which is much more convenient. Even devices of other brands, such as tablets, can be charged wirelessly. Moreover, you can finally charge while listening to the song.

It can also support dual device charging, although there is only one coil, after all, the charging power of general small devices is not high. Before we know it, we will find that there will be more and more wireless charging devices around us, such as headphones, such as watches, mobile phones, and tablets. Compared with the mobile phone charging stand, the applicability of this charging board is definitely higher. It is not difficult to see that there are more and more wireless charging devices with high efficiency, easy charging and good heat dissipation.

Shangsen's independent research and development of wireless charging PCBA has been absolutely recognized by the market. At present, Shangsen wireless charging PCBA accounts for about 30% of the Chinese market.