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China professional small fan PCBA solution factory


China professional small fan PCBA solution factory

Changsen develops small fan PCBA parameter description

China's very professional development and production one-stop factory-Changsen, shares the working principle of the small fan PCBA from a professional perspective: the energized coil rotates under the force of the magnetic field. Electricity is converted into mechanical energy. The small fan has two engines with only a pneumatic linkage system and concentric-shaft rotors called dual-rotor turbofan engines. Its working principle and structural characteristics are basically the same as those of a dual-rotor turbojet engine.

The design and development of the small fan PCBA scheme is completed by the brushless motor and the main control chip CSU32P10. Its function description is as follows:

The small fan has three gear modes, L\M\H represents three operating gears, and the current operating mode is indicated by LED at the same time; two buttons, the red button is the shutdown button, the green button is the mode button; one lighting LED light. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. When you click the right button, the gears are switched, the first gear, the second gear, the third gear, shut down (sleep), and the LED indicates the current gear in real time;

2. In any working mode, click the left button to shut down, the LED will go off and enter the sleep mode; in the shutdown state, when you click the left button, the LED will display the battery power in real time, and it will turn off after 5 seconds and enter the sleep mode. ua;

3. Long press the right button in any state, the right LED will be on, and also long press the right button in any state, the LED will go out;

4. The charging indicator will indicate with different color lights when charging and after being fully charged;

The small fan PCBA chip CSU32P10 is a high-performance single-chip microcomputer with an 8-bit RISC architecture and a 12-bit ADC. This chip has 64 Byte SRAM and simple peripheral configuration, which can meet the needs of multi-functional design under the premise of saving circuit cost. This single-chip microcomputer has excellent AD measurement including internal 1.4V, 2.0V, 3.0V, 4.0V, VDD, external input six reference voltages and can achieve internal reference voltage hardware-level correction, 1 channel 32MHz 12-bit PWM output, suitable for Development of products in multiple fields.

High-performance RISC CPU

8-bit microcontroller MCU

Built-in 1K×14-bit program memory OTP

64 bytes data memory (SRAM)

Only 42 single word instructions

8-level storage stack

8-level PUSH and POP stack

Support ISP

Low power consumption characteristics

MCU working current

Normal mode 0.23mA@fosc=2MHz,fcpu=1MHz,3V

Normal mode 6uA@32KHz,3V

The current of the small fan PCBA in sleep mode is less than 1μA