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Digital Type-C Headphone PCBA Electrical Performance Automated Test System


Digital Type-C Headphone PCBA Electrical Performance Automated Test System

Changsen Headphone PCBA Test System

Type-C headset PCBA system overview

Since the iPhone7 canceled the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, mobile phone manufacturers began to cancel the headphone jack one after another, and the combination of a headset/charging interface has become a general trend. The Type-C interface is widely used due to its transmission speed, positive and negative blind insertion, and multi-function. The Type-C earphones and Type-C earphone adapter cables that are used for application are various, and their audio indicators have become the focus of investigation.

The digital Type-C audio automatic test system adopts the high-performance two-channel audio analyzer A2 independently developed by Changsen, and cooperates with the second-developed electrical performance automatic control test software ABTEC-9800S, and related test fixtures to realize the digital Type-C headset Automatic test of electrical performance of PCBA and Type-C to 3.5mm patch cords.

Type-C Headphone PCBA Test Project

Downlink: output level/power

Frequency response

Signal-to-noise ratio

Distortion degree

Separation degree

Channel balance

Uplink: MIC sensitivity

 Frequency response

Distortion degree

Signal to noise ratio

Current: Idle current

Work current

Type-C earphone PCBA test principle diagram

Hardware system block diagram

The fixture supports Type-C operating voltages of 3.3V and 5V, which are available for selection.

·Software features

· The test interface is simple and friendly, easy to operate, and flexible scheduling;

Automatically judge PASS/FAIL;

Test parameters can be set by yourself;

With statistical function (hourly yield statistics & batch yield statistics);

Data export function (test data can be imported into customer production system);

Support a variety of data file access (stored according to customer requirements: automatic identification of product SN and storage);

Test C/T about 15s;