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A new artifact of wireless charging, which can also be charged in the hand.


A new artifact of wireless charging, which can also be charged in the hand.

Introduction to the function of double-sided fast charging wireless charging disk

Wireless charging, everyone is familiar with it, round, square, vertical and so on. However, although it is convenient to charge and use, whether it is horizontally, horizontally, or vertically, it can only be charged in a fixed place. Charging can no longer be happily playing with the phone, and there is no freedom at all.

How to charge if I want to play games with headphones? If you use wireless charging, you cant play games, and if you use wired charging, you cant wear headphones and get in your hands.

Introduce a wireless charging artifact, the double-sided fast charging wireless charging pad developed by Changsen, which can be attached to the back of the mobile phone while playing and charging, completely unblocking. The double-sided fast charging wireless charging pad has a smooth surface engraved with "2+" on one side and 7 soft suction cups on the other side.

Different from the general wireless charger, which can only be charged while lying down, the double-sided fast charging wireless charging pad can also be charged when held. It adopts a double-sided roof charging design, which can be charged when one side is discharged and charged when the other side is absorbed. (*Reminder: It is not possible to charge two mobile phones at the same time.)

The suction cup surface adopts a soft silica gel suction cup, which can easily absorb the mobile phone without removing it, and it is stable and does not damage the phone. When in office, it can be attached to the desktop for wireless charging, and the mobile phone can be charged immediately.

When playing games, it is attached to the center of the back of the phone, without blocking your hands, and playing more freely while charging.

The double-sided fast charging wireless charging tray comes with a 106cm data cable. If you think it is not long enough, you can also use other fast charging cables for transmission.

The double-sided fast charging wireless charging tray has a built-in bold coil design, which can perfectly match the wireless charging mobile phone model. The input interface adopts Type-C interface, which has faster and higher charging efficiency than ordinary USB-A port, and supports 5V/3A high-power input.

It also has four charging output modes: 5W/ 7.5W/ 10W/ 15W, which are stable and efficient without causing any damage to the mobile phone battery. With QC3.0/2.0 adapter, it can match the most suitable charging mode according to different charging devices, and automatically turn on 15WLG fast charge/10W (Android fast charge)/ 7.5W (Apple fixed frequency fast charge)/5W Xiaomi fast charge light mode.

When charging, it can support a wireless charging distance of 3-6mm, so you can directly charge the phone without removing the phone case when charging, which solves the embarrassment of "removing the armor" first.

The double-sided fast-charging wireless charging tray indicator as the charging status prompt is as follows:

When the product is powered on, the red light is always on

When the product is charging the device, the blue light is always on

When the device is fully charged, the fully charged blue light is always on

When FOD detects a foreign body status, FOD red light flashes

It is worth mentioning that the double-sided fast charging wireless charging disk has a built-in smart chip that can optimize charging and stabilize output. In the face of common wireless charging and heating problems, the double-sided fast charging wireless charging pad is designed to separate the PCBA and the coil. It not only effectively solves heat generation, but also makes charging more efficient and prolongs the service life of mobile phone batteries. At present, it has passed CE/FCC/RoHS and other related certifications. In any case, it is safer to use, especially when charging.

In the selection of the shell, fire-retardant PC and ABS materials are also used, which have high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and a round handle that is not easy to cause scratches. Compatible with iPhone XS Max /iPhone XR/ iPhone XS/ iPhone X and other iOS devices wireless charging. And Android phones that support the Qi protocol for wireless charging, such as Huawei P30 Pro, MI 9, and Samsung Galaxy S10+/Galaxy S10 models.

The thickness is only 7.5mm and the weight is about 43g. Whether you put it on the desktop or put it in your bag, it will not take up too much space or cumbersome. At the same time, it will not lose any weight. Full of sense of technology.