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Bluetooth headset waterproof technology


Bluetooth headset waterproof technology

Changsen bluetooth headset waterproof design

Bluetooth headsets are a common, practical and particularly familiar item in peoples lives. It is also a carry-on for trendy people. Listening to music on the subway, answering the phone while driving, the rhythm brought by the music during fitness, answering important calls during the shower, and enjoying the music without affecting others while swimming, etc., but these can easily cause the components to be corroded by sweat and rain. , If the waterproof and sweat proof is not ideal, it may be damaged after a few months of use. Changsen Bluetooth headset can solve the above problems.

1. The bluetooth headset structure is waterproof

Structural waterproofing is the most traditional mode of Bluetooth headset waterproofing, and it is also the first method that most engineers think of. The effective isolation of external packaging and internal electrical parts is achieved mainly through product mold design and various plugging.

Design process: There are many factors that need to be considered at the same time for structural waterproofing, such as injection molding, sealing, exhaust, various rubber pads, diversion, heat dissipation, deformation, mold opening costs, and so on. Unfortunately, even with many structural changes, it still cannot prevent the intrusion of water vapor. In an environment where water vapor is heavy, the appearance of sports Bluetooth headsets may be deformed during use, and there is a gap in the appearance of the joint. It will also be deformed, or the appearance of man-made and non-man-made damage is always present at any time, becoming a potential worry.

2. Bluetooth headset potting and waterproofing

Potting method for waterproofing At present, epoxy resin potting glue is often used, which is often used for the potting of electronic product modules. The entire PCBA board can be wrapped in it, so as to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-salt spray, anti-mold, anti-vibration, and anti-external force Impact and so on. It is obvious that the potting waterproof solution will greatly increase the weight of the Bluetooth headset. This waterproof method is limited to theory and is not suitable for application to Bluetooth headsets.

3. The surface coating of the Bluetooth headset is waterproof

Three anti-paints

Three-proof paint is also called circuit board protection oil, coating oil, waterproof glue, insulating paint, and moisture-proof paint, mainly through brushing, dipping, spraying and other methods on PCBA circuit boards.

Nano coating

Circuit board nano waterproof coating is a new nano material, also called nano coating, which is currently an ideal substitute for three-proof paint. Its thickness is only 2-4 microns, which is invisible to the naked eye. It forms an extremely thin film on the surface of the PCBA, which effectively reduces the surface energy of the PCBA, forms a lotus leaf effect, has good heat dissipation performance, and does not affect the normal conductivity of the connector. The nano nano coating can reach IPX7 water resistance, corrosion resistance, and acid, alkali and salt resistance.

Bluetooth headset PCBA circuit board coating dip coating process:

1. Before construction, remove the dust, grease, water vapor and other attachments attached to the PCBA board of the Bluetooth headset to avoid affecting the waterproof effect.

2. Prepare a suitable container, as long as the PCBA is just contained, pour an appropriate amount of nano waterproof coating solution, and immerse the PCBA board in the nano liquid.

3. Let the PCBA board be completely immersed in the nano solution, soak for about 3-5 seconds, and can be turned appropriately to achieve a more complete and uniform conjunctival effect.

4. Take the PCBA board out of the solution and place it on a clean table at room temperature. Because the nano-coating is nano-thick, it is almost invisible to the naked eye. After the PCBA coating process, the surface still looks neat and clean, about 5 It can be dried in -10 minutes.

5. Observing the water dripping on the ordinary PCBA and the processed PCBA board respectively, it can be found that the water droplets on the surface of the processed PCBA are more round and regular, like an infinite copy of the same water droplet, but there are large and small. The water droplets on the PCBA on the ordinary surface are flakes. It is also possible to carry out live water test on the finished product.