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The most stable TWS headset solution


The most stable TWS headset solution

Changsen TWS headset solution sharing

The TWS headset can complete the following functions:

Support automatic power-on (the headset goes out of the box to turn on, and the box is turned off) and manual power on (button control)

Voice prompt tone, such as POWER ONwhen the opportunity is turned on

Support the pairing and interconnection of earphones and mobile phones, and the Bluetooth distance is 360 degrees without obstacles and any angle of 10 m

The left and right ears can be used alone or together, of which the right ear is the main ear

Audio and video control, answer/reject/make a call, wake up the voice assistant

Low power consumption function, 80% maximum volume call power consumption is less than 10 mA

Real-time monitoring of battery voltage, low battery warning, automatic shutdown of ultra-low voltage

When the product is charging, the red LED light of the headset is always on when charging, and the red LED light is off when the charging is completed

TWS earphones can complete the above functions mainly relying on the Unisplendour SC5842 BT SoC, which is the highly integrated SoC of the second-generation wireless music solution launched by Unisplendour. It adopts the unique UNI TWS binaural technology of Unisplendour. Good interaction between main and auxiliary ears and user experience. It has a low latency of 130 ms, which satisfies the user's smooth video and game experience. At the same time, SC5842 has a low power consumption function, its standby power consumption is about 0.5 mA, and its power consumption is less than 10 mA when talking at 80% volume. SC5842 can be applied to TWS headsets, Bluetooth headsets, stereo headsets and other products. The basic parameters of SC5842 are as follows:

High integration

* BT5 + RISC-V MCU @ 197 MHz + VOC DSP @ 197 MHz

* Integrated BT RF / Analog / PMU / CPU / DSP / Flash / RAM / BUCK / LDO


* Support BT5.0 dual mode, support BR / EDR, support BLE, BLE 2M

* Support A2DP 1.3.1, HFP 1.6, AVRCP 1.6.1

* Passed BQB BT5.0 certification


* Adopt Zhanrui's unique binaural technology - UNI-TWS

* Support 24 bit stereo DAC and single channel 24 bit ADC

* Support 8,025, 12, 16, 22, 05, 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz sampling rate

* Support analog and digital MIC

* Support MP3 / WMA / SBC / AAC / mSBC decoding

Rich interface

* UART, I2C, SPI, SSP, I2S, 7 GPIO, IR Tx/Rx


* FreeRTOS


* QFN24 4 x 4 mm

Hardware design description:

The General Assembly Shiping Group launched the TWS headset solution based on the Unigroup Zhanrui SC5842, which is mainly composed of the Unigroup Zhanrui SC5842 BT SoC, DIO5509 Charger, analog microphone, user buttons, ceramic antennas, LED lights, crystal oscillators and other parts.

Software compilation environment construction

SC5842 adopts RISC-V architecture and needs to use cross tool chain to compile.

Set system environment variables

* Use the sudo vi/etc/profile command and add the content shown at the end

* After completion, use the source/etc/profile command to make the environment variable take effect

Compile the code

* Call to compile

Core technical advantages

Support Bluetooth 5.0 specification

Support A2DP 1.3.1, HFP 1.6, AVRCP 1.6.1

Ziguang Zhanrui's UNI TWS binaural technology patent, dual-receiving and dual-transmitting, supports seamless switching between main and auxiliary ears

BT SoC is highly integrated, with built-in programmable 197 MHz DSP and 4 Mbit Flash

The power of the main and auxiliary ears is intelligently balanced, which can extend the use time by 20%

Facing the low-end market, the BOM cost is lower


Scheme specifications

Four-layer Layout board, the size can be adjusted according to the structure of the TWS headset

Support UART, I2C, SPI, SSP, IR and other interfaces

Support 24 bit stereo DAC and single channel 24 bit ADC, sampling rate up to 96 kHz

Support stereo analog audio, I2S digital audio output

Support MP3, SBC, WMA, AAC, mSBC audio decoder

RF transmit power: 8 dBm (Typ)

Sensitivity:-91 dBm (Typ)

Standby power consumption is about 0.5 mA, and the power consumption is less than 10 mA when talking at 80% volume. Supports Unigroup Zhanrui WCN mass production download tool