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New USB small fan PCBA solution


New USB small fan PCBA solution

Changsen usb small fan technology update

The small USB fan PCBA independently developed by Changsen will be updated and upgraded. The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. All three positions of the USB fan can work when there is no battery. Compared with the first-generation product, the wind power is too small, and the switching is greatly improved. The new USB small fan PCBA solution is battery-free, and it can be connected to a computer or mobile power supply via USB, and all three gears can work.

2. The battery is reversed. The current 18650, the positive and negative poles are extremely difficult to identify. The first-generation product, the battery is installed reversely, may burn the board. The new USB fan PCBA solution will have a protection circuit even if the battery is installed reversely.

In order to ensure the PCBA quality of the new USB fan, Changsen promised that PCBA electronic hardware did not reduce costs by reducing components. Changsen's brand new USB fan PCBA protection circuit uses 4054 IC, and at the same time it uses double SS24 materials for voltage stabilization, and uses 3 MOS tubes at the same time. The PCBA quality is absolutely stable and reliable, which can reduce the damage to the motor. At the same time, the protection circuit is good, and no burn-in occurs.