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The most stable charger PCBA design


The most stable charger PCBA design

Chang sen charger solution introduction

With the rapid development of electronic technology, PCBs (printed circuit boards) for designing electronic products can no longer meet the needs of electronic technology development. With the development of electronic technology, electronic circuits are becoming more and more complex, requiring designers to continuously improve their design level. Produce more PCBA products.

The charger PCBA design process strictly follows: pre-production preparation, PCB component pin packaging, new PCB files, circuit board planning, component pin packaging and network loading, layout, wiring, DRC design rule inspection, etc.

Charger PCBA design file and plan, create and create with the wizard. It should be noted that the PCB file created by the wizard is not in the project file. After the creation is completed, it must be placed in the project file, otherwise the subsequent steps will not be able to proceed. Up. According to the composition of the charger circuit, the shape of the board is first planned to be rectangular, and the size of the board is determined to be 2400mil×1300mil according to the number of components. The single-layer wiring is designed as a single-sided board.

The charger PCBA loads the component pin package and the network and performs the component layout. Except for the positive polarity package of the battery pack, other component packages adopt the standard package in the component library, and the positive polarity terminal of the battery pack needs to be set according to the actual circuit. To export the package, first create your own component package library, and then set this package as the package of the battery pack. The component layout can be performed by the method of automatic layout first and then manual adjustment. Note that the transformer is not placed on this board. When layout, pay attention to the arrangement and distribution of components to be reasonable and even, and strive to be neat and beautiful, and meet the process requirements of circuit structure.

    The charger PCBA sets wiring rules, performs wiring, and uses printed wires to complete the wiring relationship of the components in the schematic diagram. After completing the component layout of any circuit board, the next thing to do is to connect the components with wires to make them have electrical characteristics, thereby forming a complete circuit board. First, set up wiring rules to meet electrical requirements such as safety principles. According to the actual requirements of the charger circuit, set the safety spacing to 10mil, the top layer wiring, the ordinary line width 10mil, the power line 20mil, and the ground line 30mil. The wiring adopts automatic wiring, and the places that do not meet the requirements can be modified manually. When wiring, under the premise of meeting electrical requirements such as safety principles, the wires should be streamlined, as short as possible, with as few turns as possible, and strive to be simple and clear.

In addition, the wiring design should consider whether the assembly is convenient or not. Finally, the board is required to be beautiful and economical, and a good PCB board has beautiful wiring and fine work, which looks like a work of art.  

    Charger PCBA design rule inspection and error elimination. After the circuit board design is completed, in order to ensure that the design work performed meets the requirements, the computer can automatically complete the inspection work, that is, the DRC design rule inspection. After the check is completed, the system will pop up the Messages information box, according to this information prompt, modify the design until there are no errors. At this point, the PCB design work of the circuit is completed, and finally the drawings and reports can be printed out, and the actual board making and other corresponding follow-up work can be carried out.

 The charger PCBA newly developed and designed by Chang sen is completely designed according to the above-mentioned standards, with high performance, stability and safety.