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Introduction of warm hand treasure PCBA scheme


Introduction of warm hand treasure PCBA scheme

Warm hand treasure PCBA module, including LED lights, shell molds and other sets of materials, warm hand + charger!

Warm hands PCBA parameters:

Functions of warm hand PCBA product: double-sided heating, warm hand, backup power supply.

Input voltage: 5VDC

Current: 2A

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 2A

Battery capacity: 1000mah (select the battery capacity according to the actual situation)

Heating power: 8W (maximum)

Warm hand standard gear 40 ° C-45 ° C heating time: about 5 hours

Hand warming high temperature gear 50 ° c-55 ° C heating time: about 3 hours

The temperature can be adjusted between 26 ° C and 52 ° C, with constant temperature control. The constant temperature range can be changed according to customer requirements.

Compatible products of emergency backup power supply: mobile phone, MP3 / MP4 / MP5, game console, digital camera, etc.

USB hand warming pad: 5-8 hours

Warm hands PCBA indicator:

1 light on: 0-25% power

Two lights on: 25% - 50% power

Three lights on: 50% - 75% power

4 lights on: 75% - 100% power

Press "+" quickly, press "-" briefly and press it for a long time to shut down.

Note: it can be customized or developed according to customer requirements