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How to correctly purchase charging warm hand treasure?


How to correctly purchase charging warm hand treasure?

Dongguan Changsen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. safety reminder!

According to the requirements of the China market regulatory bureau, the rechargeable warm hand treasure is an electronic product similar to the sustainability of battery energy supply and external heat transfer. It is deeply loved by consumers because of its portability. However, at present, the quality of warm hand treasure products sold in the market is uneven. Consumers should choose carefully and pay attention to the safety of products. Special safety tips for everyone,

1) Compared with the mobile power supply, although the charging hand warmer is usually small in size and low in capacity for the sake of lightness and portability, its internal heating plate will make the lithium-ion battery work in a high-temperature environment for a long time. In addition, it has a small internal space and a certain degree of thermal insulation design. If the protection and control circuit design of the product has defects and the shell material that can not block the combustion source is used, In case of abnormal conditions such as uncontrolled temperature rise or short-circuit overcharge, it is likely to cause a fire.

2) Compared with the heat storage hand warmer, although the portable charging hand warmer does not have dangerous characteristics such as high-temperature liquid splashing, it may still cause burns when used carelessly due to its long working time. The normal heating temperature is in the range of 45 ℃ ~ 65 ℃, and the continuous heating time is generally more than 4 hours,

3) The structure of warm hand treasure is similar to that of mobile power supply, which is composed of shell, electronic circuit, battery and heating sheet. Lithium ion batteries (also known as "lithium batteries") commonly used in mobile power supply manufacturing are also used in this kind of products as core energy supply components.

Dongguan mayor Sen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you that you must pay attention to the above points when selecting charging hand warming treasure!