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Introduction to PCB material


Introduction to PCB material

Deeper understanding of PCB

PCB boards are generally classified by the insulating part of the substrate, such as electric board, fiberglass board and various plastic boards. PCB manufacturers generally use an insulating part composed of glass fiber, non-woven materials and resin, and then press epoxy resin and copper foil into a "preg".

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FR-1 - phenolic cotton paper, which is commonly known as electric board (more economical than FR-2)
FR-2 - phenolic cotton paper,
Fr-3 - cotton paper, epoxy resin
FR-4 - woven glass, epoxy resin
FR-5 - glass cloth, epoxy resin
Fr-6 - ground glass, polyester
G-10 - glass cloth, epoxy resin
CEM-1 - cotton paper, epoxy resin (flame retardant)
Cem-2 - cotton paper, epoxy resin (non flame retardant)
CEM-3 - glass cloth, epoxy resin
Cem-4 - glass cloth, epoxy resin
Cem-5 - glass cloth, polyester
Ain - aluminum nitride
SiC - silicon carbide