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Wiring of eight layer PCB design case of computer motherboard


Wiring of eight layer PCB design case of computer motherboard

1. Serpentine routing

The wiring looks beautiful. The purpose of this routing is to extend the total length of the routing. It is applied in parallel data lines to make the routing length of the same group of parallel data lines consistent, so that the arrival time of data is consistent when transmitting data at high speed. The routing step of serpentine routing is to use ordinary routing to route the same group of parallel data lines. Then find out the line with the longest length of this group of data lines, and then take the length of the longest line as the reference, and extend the line smaller than the reference value through the serpentine routing to be equal to the reference value or reach a certain range of the reference value. The general circuit board design software has related routing and wiring functions. You only need to set relevant parameters.

2. Differential line

The difference line is actually very similar to the snake above. The snake above is a group of data lines. The difference line has only two lines. However, the requirements are higher and stricter than those of snake routing. Not only the length of the line should be consistent, but also the distance between the line and the line should be kept at a certain distance. Fortunately, the relevant software has this routing function, and you only need to set relevant parameters.

3. Large routing or wide routing

The larger wires in PCB wiring are generally power wiring, which is related to component load, and the relevant theories are not described in detail here.

Component layout

The component layout above PCB is very beautiful. The component layout is basically based on the modular design method. The advantage of this layout is to layout the relevant electronic components that realize the same function together, so that the wiring length in the small module can be shorter. When the small module is placed in the large module, it is convenient to frame the whole module. Don't take too many detours when wiring.