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PCB component layout


PCB component layout

Detailed decomposition of PCB component layout rules

In the process of PCB component layout, after the system layout is completed, the PCB drawing needs to be reviewed to consider whether the system layout is reasonable and whether the optimal effect can be achieved. We can review it from several aspects:

1. Whether the PCB component system layout ensures the reasonable or optimal wiring, the reliable wiring and the reliability of circuit work. It is necessary to have an overall understanding and planning of signal direction and power supply and ground wire network.
2. Whether the size of PCB component layout printed board is consistent with the size of processing drawing, and whether it meets the PCB manufacturing process requirements and behavior marks. It should be noted that the circuit layout and wiring of many PCB boards are beautiful and reasonable, but the accurate positioning of positioning connectors is neglected, resulting in the designed circuit can not be connected with other circuits.

3. PCB layout components conflict in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. Pay attention to the actual size of the device, especially the height of the device. When welding components without layout, the height shall not exceed 3mm.

4. PCB components shall be arranged in a dense and orderly manner, and all shall be laid. In the layout of components, not only the direction and type of signal, places needing attention or protection, but also the overall density of component layout should be considered to achieve uniform density.
5. Whether the components to be replaced frequently can be easily replaced and whether the plug-in board can be inserted into the equipment conveniently. Ensure the convenience and reliability of replacement and connection of frequently replaced components.

6. During the layout of PCB components, special attention shall be paid to the RF part to avoid RF interference with other components, so one side must be isolated.