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Quickly understand the popular PCBA schemes of Bluetooth circuit,


Quickly understand the popular PCBA schemes of Bluetooth circuit,

Fast and simple implementation of short-range wireless connection PCBA

Bluetooth PCBA Technology: an open global specification for wireless data and voice communication. Based on low-cost short-range wireless connection, it is a special short-range wireless technology connection for establishing communication environment for fixed and mobile devices.

1. Design of Bluetooth PCBA alarm system (mq7-bluetooth-1602)

The design is a CO detection system based on STC single chip microcomputer. It can supply 220V power or 5V power to detect CO concentration and set the alarm value by itself. When it is detected that the CO concentration exceeds the set value, the audible and visual alarm is carried out, and the CO concentration value at this time and the time at this time are stored. After storage, it can be queried, and the alarm value can be stored three times each time, Read the current CO concentration and time on the mobile phone through Bluetooth.

2. Bluetooth PCBA multifunction timer -- app Bluetooth control - Bluetooth remote download

Four independent switches (~ 220V). Each switch has 7 channels to set. Each channel can set the timing opening time, week and intermittent opening time. The setting adopts the internal EEPROM. The power down saving time can be set, 4 keys, LCD1602 display, Bluetooth module and mobile phone communication

3. Ac1082 Bluetooth headset PCBA solution

The chip can be equipped with SPI flash (25q40-25q256 is automatically selected for size); it is convenient to update the voice. It can be downloaded directly when plugged into the computer. Like using USB flash disk, the first time format is flash; you can select single, full disc, random cycle or stop playback by yourself. You may select the playback mode through IO high and low level, single disc stop, full disc playback and random playback. The periphery is simple, and the sop-16 packaging drawing board is simple. The cost is low Stable and good compatibility. Provide technical support.

4. Bluetooth, PCBA wireless communication, APP remote appliance control switch

The remote home appliance control switch based on stc15w204s single chip microcomputer and Bluetooth wireless communication can use mobile phone app to control home lighting and other appliances, and can be connected to dual control circuit. The mobile android app is written by myself without any virus. If the installation of security software such as mobile housekeeper is prohibited, add the app to the white list. The mp2307 step-down is changed to step-up, and the fp6291 step-up chip is used. Boost voltage first and then reduce voltage to make the relay work more stable.