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PCBA scheme of beauty massage instrument


PCBA scheme of beauty massage instrument

Quickly introduce the most professional beauty massage instrument scheme in China

Live broadcasting promotes the consumption boom of wave after wave of online popular products and leads the rapid renewal and iteration of consumer electronic products. Based on the company's experience, this paper will introduce a net red skin beauty massage instrument independently designed and developed by our MCU application technology department.

Function of beauty massage instrument

Ultrasonic function
Skin warming + medical beauty red light function
EMS massage function

Scheme introduction

Power supply mode: external 15V / 1A adapter DC power supply;
Main functions: ultrasonic, high-frequency massage, EMS;
Key control: switch on and off the machine and each function switch;
EMS mode: acupuncture, hammering, pushing and pulling, scraping and kneading;
EMS gear: gear 5 micro current massage strong and weak gear.
The main control function adopts general micro intelligent control chip: me9104 is an 8-bit mixed signal microcontroller (MCU) with high performance and high efficiency. The programmable 4K byte OTP ROM provides great convenience for users. The multichannel 12 bit a / D converter can be used to directly process analog signals, such as directly connecting sensors. The MCU has several flexible timer modules, which can provide timing function, pulse generation function and PWM / buzzer generation function. Internal watchdog timer, low voltage detection, temperature detection and other internal protection features, plus excellent anti-interference and ESD protection performance, ensure the reliable operation of the single chip microcomputer in the harsh electromagnetic interference environment. The MCU provides high-speed clock HIRC and low-speed clock LIRC oscillator function options, and a complete system oscillator is built in without external components. The ability of dynamic switching between different working modes provides users with a means to optimize MCU operation and reduce power consumption. With the advantages of integrated a / D and PWM functions, coupled with the characteristics of low power consumption, high performance, flexible control input / output and low cost, this MCU can be widely used in electronic measuring instruments, environmental monitoring, handheld measuring tools, home applications, electronic control tools, motor control and other occasions.
The main control power supply system is matched with anti overshoot LDO: me6239. It is a low-voltage differential, low-power linear regulator, built-in reference circuit, error amplifier and feedback resistance network made by CMOS process. The maximum input voltage of me6239 is 30V and the maximum output current is 250mA. The internal feedback voltage can set the fixed output voltage, and the voltage range is from 1.5V to 12V.

Schematic diagram of scheme

Scheme expansion

The scheme can be extended to a wide range of application scenarios of class II medical beauty, massage and other personal care. It is a high value-added product with good market prospects and advantages. From the above pcba-bom list, we can see the cost advantage of high market competitiveness. In addition, customers can also delete or add component functions according to their own market needs; Weimeng electronics can customize the development and design for users. These two advantages will ensure that the products have a very high market competitiveness and life cycle.