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The most advanced 600W DC / AC inverter PCBA scheme


The most advanced 600W DC / AC inverter PCBA scheme

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Inverter PCBA

This design is an inverter scheme for isolating low-voltage DC input and 220VAC sine wave output. With SPWM control mode, the output waveform has small harmonic distortion, fast dynamic response, complete isolation of front and rear stages, and has various protection functions such as input overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit and over temperature. There are few peripheral devices, high efficiency and low no-load power consumption.
The PCBA design uses cortex MX as MCU control chip, Infineon's 5th generation optimos as primary boost part power conversion, and IGBT as secondary 220VAC inverter power conversion. Cortex MX has high main frequency and small package. It integrates peripherals of analog mixed signal, timing, PWM and communication, and can flexibly configure IO port, multiplexing and other functions. It is especially suitable for power control applications; The RDSON of the 5th generation optimos is smaller, the parasitic capacitance is smaller, and the TRR of the parasitic diode is smaller. It is more suitable for the power conversion circuit of high-frequency PWM, which is of great help to improve the overall performance.

PCBA functional features

Front and rear stage isolation, input low-voltage DC and output 220VAC sine wave;
The protection function and indicator light display include: input overvoltage / undervoltage, overload, short circuit and overtemperature protection;
The main control chip adopts cortex MX to realize input voltage indication and undervoltage and overvoltage protection by detecting the input voltage V / F signal isolated by optocoupler;
Soft start when power on, PWM drives the primary push-pull circuit directly through the optocoupler to gradually increase the duty cycle and gradually increase the secondary bus voltage;
The working frequency of push-pull boost part is 50KHz, limiting the maximum boost voltage, fixing the duty cycle and improving efficiency;
The inverter carrier frequency is 20kHz. The full bridge circuit of the later stage is driven by the output of SPWM. After LC filtering, 220VAC sine wave AC is output;
Inverter bridge current peak limit, load overload and short circuit reliable protection;
Few peripheral components (PCB size: 180 * 125mm, double-sided board, with components on the top and no components on the bottom);

PCBA electrical parameters

Input DC voltage: 10.5v-15.0v
Output AC voltage: 220V - 10% + 5%
Output frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
Output power: 600W
Maximum output power (1 minute): 600 ~ 700W
Instantaneous power (10 seconds): > 700W
Output short circuit: 1.5s
Input low voltage protection: 10 ± 0.5V
Input high voltage protection: 15.2 ± 0.5V
Overall efficiency: > 88% @ 12V full load
No load current: < 0.7A
Input voltage and load LED indication: Red / orange / green (LED)
Fault indication: red (LED)
Working environment temperature: - 10 ~ 50 ℃
Cooling: Fan
PCBA size: 180 (L) * 125 (W) * 42mm (H)

PCBA application

Vehicle inverter and solar inverter need to convert low-voltage DC to 220VAC