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China ice maker PCBA factory


China ice maker PCBA factory

Free sharing of independently developed PCBA function of ice machine

With the development of science and technology and the increase of people's demand, natural ice is far from meeting people's needs, so there is an ice maker. Because of its particularity, the ice maker has been applied to a variety of industries and has become an indispensable machine for human production and life. There are many characteristics of the ice maker independently developed by us. The ice shape of the ice maker is square, cylindrical, diamond, moon, snowflake, flake ice, ice brick, etc. The freezing point can reach below minus 20 ℃. The ice has high hardness and low temperature. The ice is crystal clear, not easy to melt, and the cooling speed is fast. Ice is beautiful, not easy to stick into a ball, and it is convenient to use ice. Microcomputer control, fully automatic water inlet, drainage and ice making, no need for special personnel to operate, safe to use. The condensation system and condensation temperature sensing device are configured scientifically and can adapt to different ambient temperatures. The stainless steel shell is luxurious and generous, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, durable, and has efficient thermal insulation performance. Ice mode sample preparation: spray ice mold ice making, which is currently an advanced ice making method in the world. The ice is crystal clear, fine texture and lasting cooling effect.

PCBA automatic control of ice maker: it adopts advanced COMS integrated circuit, automatic completion of water supply, ice making, deicing and fault protection, which is safe and convenient to use. The ice is adjustable: the thickness of the ice can be adjusted. Suitable for ice in various occasions.
PCBA ice maker is energy-saving and efficient: now the new ice maker has saved more than one third of the power than the traditional ice maker, and the fluorine-free polyurethane is foamed as a whole.
1. Put the cold water into the water tank of the ice machine, and then continuously circulate the water in the water tank through the water pump and pass through the evaporator. The evaporator has two types: plate type and sub format.

2. After the compressor of the ice maker starts to operate, first suck in the external air, and then compress the air and water through the compressor. After a certain degree, it can not be compressed, and then discharge the incompressible waste gas, and then continuously operate the compressor to let the water pass through the evaporator for cooling, The temperature of the water in the compressor of the ice maker is getting lower and lower, and the important thing is that the temperature in the evaporator is only - 10 to - 18 degrees, which makes the water temperature drop sharply and achieve the effect of liquefaction. When the cold water temperature in the ice maker is lower than 0 ℃, it begins to freeze on the surface of the evaporator with lower temperature. When the ice on the contact surface reaches a certain thickness, the defrosting solenoid valve can be turned on. The ice is often de iced in the form of heat pump, and then the ice is taken out from the ice maker for the next treatment process. The principle of the ice maker is actually quite simple, and the core lies in the evaporator