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Ice maker function sharing


Ice maker function sharing

The most professional ice maker development team in China

With the social progress and the rise of leisure industry and food storage industry, refrigeration and ice making machinery has become more and more popular. In hot summer, if there is no refrigeration equipment, food will not last too long in the high-temperature environment. Therefore, food insurance is a major customer of refrigeration and ice making industry. Ice cubes are indispensable for cold drinks in other leisure food industries, and ice cubes are also indispensable for cooling in some convalescent places such as hospitals, For ice machines, this kind of refrigeration machinery has many uses. Nowadays, ice machines used in many leisure food industries usually appear in restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants. Ice machines have various shapes and sizes, and their mechanical uses are different

Changsen independently developed the ice making machine, which has the following functions and can meet the needs of industrial and civil ice making machinery in the market:
1) Water leakage alarm: the main research and development of water leakage alarm equipment, and control the whole machine circuit to cut off the power supply.  Different from computer PCBA control, it can eliminate the occurrence of water leakage.
2) No dry burning: use the water level ladder control principle to avoid dry burning
3) Ice production: the original use of spray, water and immersion ice making, which can be selected
4) Control and protection: multiple protection functions are used, and each component is multi-level control, so as to prevent problems in controlling one component,
5) PCBA moisture-proof, moisture-proof and dust-proof process