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Solar cell PCBA circuit


Solar cell PCBA circuit

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Solar cell PCBA is becoming more and more popular in places where it is not convenient to use power electricity. We fix the orientation of solar cell PCBA, roughly pointing to the south at an angle. Because the sun rises in the East and sets in the west every day, the direction of light is constantly changing, and the direction of the sun throughout the year is also changing. Although it is simple, it also loses the efficiency of solar panels. In order to improve the power generation efficiency of solar panels, it is necessary to make the PCBA of solar cells change with the change of sunlight. The circuit uses two simple comparators to adjust the direction of the solar panel according to the direction of the sun, so as to follow the direction of the sun and improve the power generation efficiency of the solar panel.

The circuit schematic diagram is as follows. LM324 integrated operational amplifier is used. It has four operational amplifiers, only two of which are used. The reverse input terminal is connected to the midpoint of an adjustable resistance. Changing the position of the resistance can change the voltage of the direction input terminal, so as to change the size of the comparison voltage. The in-phase input terminals of the two comparators are respectively connected with a circuit with photosensitive resistors in series. The resistance value of the photosensitive resistors changes with the intensity of light. Two photosensitive resistors are placed on both sides of the solar panel, because the intensity of light on both sides is different, the output voltage is different. The two comparators can output high and low voltage according to the difference between the in-phase input voltage and the reverse input voltage. If the light on both sides is very weak, the two operational amplifiers output high-level, drive the upper tube of the four power tubes to turn on, the lower tube to cut off, the output P / N is high-level, and the DC motor connected at the PN end does not move without potential difference; When the light on both sides is strong, both sides output low level, the two lower tubes of the driving circuit are connected, and there is no voltage to drive the motor. Only when the light on one side is strong and the light on the other side is weak, one of the comparators outputs high level and the other outputs low level, resulting in the conduction of the upper tube on one side and the lower tube on the other side, so that the motor moves towards one side, and vice versa, so as to realize the tracking effect of solar energy.