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How to choose solar panels?


How to choose solar panels?

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With the progress of solar energy technology, products are used more and more widely. The street lamp industry is no exception. Nowadays, solar street lamps have been used in most rural areas. When purchasing solar street lamps, we usually only pay attention to the selection of solar batteries and LED lamps, and often ignore the selection of solar panels. In fact, we pay attention to the selection of solar panels. According to our many years of professional experience, we provide the following key points:
Focus on the power of solar cells. Generally speaking, the power of solar panels is directly proportional to the area of solar chips. The area of solar panels is not exactly equal to the area of solar packaging panels, because although some solar panels are large and the gap between single crystals is very wide, the power of such solar panels is not necessarily high.
Generally speaking, the greater the power of the solar panel, the better. The large current generated in the sun can quickly fill its built-in battery. But in reality, we need to find a balance between the power of solar panels and the portability of solar chargers. It is generally considered that the minimum power of solar charger shall not be less than 0.75w, and the solar panel with secondary power has 140mA current under standard strong light. The current generated in general sunlight is about 100mA. If it is lower than the secondary power, the charging current is too small, and basically there will be no obvious effect.

Solar street lamp is a comprehensive system. All components should be reasonably configured according to parameters to achieve the best use of solar street lamp. In addition, we should not only pay attention to the solar street lamp controller, solar battery and LED light source, but also pay attention to the selection of solar street lamp panel, because solar panel is a component that directly affects the power generation efficiency of solar road, and the power generation efficiency affects the amount of electricity stored in the battery, thus affecting the overall lighting effect of solar street lamp.