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Solution of ice making machine not making ice


Solution of ice making machine not making ice

Professional analysis of ice maker faults

What to do if the ice maker doesn't make ice? Based on many years of experience in the development and production of PCBA ice maker, we share the following with you. I hope we can help you
The ice making mechanism slows down the ice time: the reason is that there is no refrigerant in the ice making machine. Just add refrigerant.
Ice machine cooling without ice making: open the cover of the ice machine to observe whether the heat dissipation is affected by dust, or other foreign matters block the heat sink to remove it.
The ice maker does not supply water: the water pump is broken, and the water pump needs to be cleaned regularly in 2 months. If it is well protected, it is not easy to break.
The wet ice flake of the ice maker is not hard: the above phenomenon occurs when the water supply of the water distribution tray of the ice maker is too large and the refrigerant is too large, and the voltage is insufficient. Add an appropriate amount of water and refrigeration system, and turn off the impulse voltage.
The compressor works intermittently without ice making: the voltage is too low, check that the power supply and interface contacts are not well burnt, and turn on the system pressure protection.

Water leakage of the ice machine: the water supply tray of the inlet valve has too much water, so it should be appropriate. See whether the water pipe is broken. If the water pipe is broken, just replace it with a new water pipe. See whether the water level float valve is faulty, and debug and repair it.