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Function description of mobile power warm hand treasure PCBA


Function description of mobile power warm hand treasure PCBA

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1. PCBA product features
Power indication function; Overcurrent protection function; Overvoltage protection function; Short circuit protection function; Standby low power consumption; Automatic shutdown without load; Lithium battery protection function; 2A charge and 2A discharge; Constant temperature function.
2. PCBA discharge function and operation of mobile power supply warm hand treasure
DC boost IC boost mode: the circuit adopts professional boost IC boost mode, with output voltage of 4.75v-5.2v and rated total output current of 2.0A;
Key function and operation: ① Key start-up operation: short press the key once, and the system will not start up to prevent false triggering. Double press to turn on the boost output and display the power. If there is no load, the LED will display the battery power for 32 seconds and then turn off, and the boost circuit will wait for 32 seconds and then turn off; If a load is connected, the electric quantity lamp will indicate the real-time electric quantity, and the discharge system will work normally. ②. Battery low voltage automatic shutdown function: when discharging, the battery voltage continues to decrease. When the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the system will automatically shut down and enter the sleep state to ensure excessive battery discharge and prolong battery life. ③. Automatic shutdown without load: if no load access is detected (when the output is less than 50-100ma), the system will enter the shutdown sleep state after 32 seconds of detection. ④. Overcurrent protection: in the process of discharge, if the output current is too large, the circuit voltage will automatically decrease, so that the load cannot be charged normally, so as to ensure that the output current does not exceed the limited current and achieve the purpose of protecting power components. ⑤. Short circuit protection: in case of output short circuit or short circuit of circuit board components, the circuit will automatically disconnect the connection with the battery, so as to protect the battery or circuit board from burning; After troubleshooting, it can be used after recharging and activating.
3. Mobile power warm hand treasure PCBA charging function and operation:
System charging mode: the system is charged synchronously, and the charging efficiency is higher than 94%; Input voltage: 5.0v-5.5v, charging current: 1.8-2.0a.
Charging function operation: charging operation: in standby or working state, insert DC5V power supply, and the system will automatically turn on the charging system and display the current power. The highest power indicator flashes, indicating that the system is in charging state; With the increase of battery capacity, the power indicator led1-3 rises in turn. When the battery is full, all the power indicator led1-3 are on for a long time.
When charging, single press, double press and long press are invalid to prevent the chip from overheating due to the simultaneous operation of charging and warm hand treasure.

4. Description of PCBA function of mobile power supply warm hand treasure

Key function: long press 4S to enter the warm hand treasure mode. After entering, it is in the first gear. Single press to switch gears. Gear 1 - gear 2 - gear 3 cycle. Long press to exit the warm hand treasure mode.
5. Electrical parameters of mobile power supply warm hand treasure PCBA
Input voltage: 5.0V ~ 5.5V
Full charge voltage of battery: 4.2V ± 0.03V
Charging current: 1.8a-2.0a
Output voltage: 4.75V ~ 5.2v
Standby current: 100ua ± 10 μ A

Overvoltage protection: 4.3v ± 0.05k 1