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Fascia gun PCBA scheme


Fascia gun PCBA scheme

Professional analysis of PCBA control board function of fascia gun

The functions of PCBA control board of membrane gun independently developed by our company:
1. Drive DC brushless motor, which can adjust speed linearly;
2. The power supply mode adopts 2-3-4 series 18650 lithium battery pack, 8.4v-12.6v-16.8v, with overcharge and over discharge protection;
3. USB: type-C and micro 5V input charging and discharging, and the nixie tube monitors and displays the power in real time;
4. Set three touch keys, power key (middle), increment key + (left), decrement key - (right); Add and subtract key, press once to add or subtract 1, and long press to quickly increase or decrease;
5. Oceanwide micro is equipped with two-stage toggle switches on and off, which can be charged normally no matter whether the switch is on or off; When the switch is on and the power key is touched, it can work normally, and the speed regulation can be realized by increasing and decreasing gears;
6. There are two groups of nixie tube displays on the panel. The left side displays the speed gear (00 ~ 30), and the right side displays the power (01 ~ 99). The increment and decrement of nixie tube are in 1;
7. When charging, the left nixie tube displays the charging status (similar to a running lamp), and the right shows the real-time charging power. The battery is full
After, the charging state stops and 99 is displayed on the right.

8. Design block diagram of fascia gun independently developed by our company

9. Our company independently developed fascia gun products