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Five tips for choosing Bluetooth headset.


First, check compatibility.When choosing a Bluetooth headset, the most important question is whether the phone is compatible with the headset. Some Bluetooth headsets are not compatible with mobile phones, mainly because of different specifications. Bluetooth headsets now come in two main specifications -- HandfreeProfile and HeadsetPro-File . HFP stands for hands-free, while HSP stands for headphone. Consumers must first find out which specs their phones support before choosing the right pair of Bluetooth headsets to use. The BLUETOOTH headset in HFP format supports the complete functions of mobile phone. Consumers can operate the handfree options such as redial, call reservation and call rejection set by mobile phone on the headset.Second, look at the chip brand. The chip suppliers of Bluetooth headsets are mainly two big companies, one is CSR corporation of the UK, the other is Broadcom corporation of the US. Broadcom's products account for more than 80% of the market.Third, understand the transmission distance. The transmission distance of Bluetooth headset is also a concern. The transmission distance of bluetooth headset has nothing to do with the bluetooth version, but mainly depends on the advanced degree of technology. PowerClass2's standard transmission range is 10 meters; The upgraded PowerClass1, on the other hand, increases the transmission distance to 100 meters and provides hi-fi stereo effects. Generally speaking, the distance between mobile phone and Bluetooth headset is not too far, and the safe transmission distance is about 2m to 3m.Fourth, select a good version. When consumers purchase Bluetooth headset,  new versions can be compatible downward, and consumers should weigh price and demand when buying.Fifth, choose your appearance. In addition to the functional consideration, the appearance and shape of bluetooth headsets and the comfort of wearing them are also the key points that consumers must pay attention to when choosing and purchasing bluetooth headsets. Everyone has a different face shape, so users should try it on before buying it.These are the five main points to look at when choosing a Bluetooth headset. Have you learned them yet?