• With the rapid development of electronic technology, PCBs (printed circuit boards) for designing electronic products can no longer meet the needs of electronic technology development. With the development of electronic technology, electronic circuits are becoming more and more complex, requiring designers to continuously improve their design level. Produce more PCBA products.


  • The small USB fan PCBA independently developed by Changsen will be updated and upgraded. The detailed analysis is as follows: 1. All three positions of the USB fan can work when there is no battery. Compared with the first-generation product, the wind power is too small, and the switching is greatly improved. The new USB small fan PCBA solution is battery-free, and it can be connected to a computer or mobile power supply via USB, and all three gears can work. 2. The battery is reversed. The current 18650, the positive and negative poles are extremely difficult to identify. The first-generation product, the battery is installed reversely, may burn the board. The new USB fan PCBA solution will have a protection circuit even if the battery is installed reversely.protection circuit is good, and no burn-in occurs.


  • A:Bulb mirror PCBA control board Changsen developed light bulb mirror function sharing 1. Power supply mode: DC12V power adapter 2. One touch button input, one PMOS output 3. It doesn't work when power on, touch once to turn on the LED, touch once to turn off the LED, and cycle in turn 4. Touch backlight indicator: two blue and red indicator lights: the main light does not work when the power is on, the red indicator light is on, touch it, the red indicator light is off after the main light is on, and the blue indicator light is on; the blue indicator light is in the same direction as the main light, the main light The light is on, the blue indicator is on, the main light is off, the blue indicator is off

  • The TWS headset can complete the following functions: ① Support automatic power-on (the headset goes out of the box to turn on, and the box is turned off) and manual power on (button control) ② Voice prompt tone, such as “POWER ON” when the opportunity is turned on ③ Support the pairing and interconnection of earphones and mobile phones, and the Bluetooth distance is 360 degrees without obstacles and any angle of 10 m ④ The left and right ears can be used alone or together, of which the right ear is the main ear ⑤ Audio and video control, answer/reject/make a call, wake up the voice assistant ⑥ Low power consumption function, 80% maximum volume call power consumption is less than 10 mA ⑦ Real-time monitoring of battery voltage, low battery warning, automatic shutdown of ultra-low voltage ⑧ When the product is charging, the red LED light of the headset is always on when charging, and the red LED light is off when the charging is completed


  • A:t are the functions of the lithium battery protection board PCBA? The lithium battery protection board PCBA is a protection for the charging and discharging of series-connected lithium battery packs. When fully charged, it can ensure that the voltage difference between the individual cells is less than the set value (generally ±20mV), realize the equal charge of the individual cells of the battery pack, and effectively improve the charging effect in the series charging mode. At the same time, it detects the overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and overtemperature status of each single battery in the battery pack to protect and extend the battery life. Under-voltage protection prevents each single cell battery from being damaged due to over-discharge during discharge. How much do you know about the PCBA function of lithium battery protection board? Changsen made a comprehensive analysis for everyone:

  • A:①Three anti-paints Three-proof paint is also called circuit board protection oil, coating oil, waterproof glue, insulating paint, and moisture-proof paint, mainly through brushing, dipping, spraying and other methods on PCBA circuit boards. ②Nano coating Circuit board nano waterproof coating is a new nano material, also called nano coating, which is currently an ideal substitute for three-proof paint. Its thickness is only 2-4 microns, which is invisible to the naked eye. It forms an extremely thin film on the surface of the PCBA, which effectively reduces the surface energy of the PCBA, forms a lotus leaf effect, has good heat dissipation performance, and does not affect the normal conductivity of the connector. The nano nano coating can reach IPX7 water resistance, corrosion resistance, and acid, alkali and salt resistance.