OSP antioxidant PCB
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OSP antioxidant PCB

Israel imported ORBOTECH AOI (automatic optical inspection), used to detect ultra-fine lines

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Product Description

Basic information


CEM-1, FR-4, 22F (customer optional)

Insulation Materials

Organic resin

Reinforced material

Glass fiber cloth base


Electrolytic foil

Surface Technology

OSP antioxidant process


1.Process capability:


Production capacity

Detailed process

Number of layers

1~10 floors

The number of layers refers to the number of layers designed, which can produce 1-10 layers of through-hole PCB boards

Plate type

CEM-1, FR-4, 22F

(National A-level TG130)

biggest size


Regular size is 550~420mm, 500~1100mm is super long PCB board

Dimensional accuracy

Plus or minus 0.2mm

CNC shape tolerance plus or minus 0.2mm, C-CUT board shape tolerance is 0.5mm

Board thickness range


Can produce 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4mm

Board thickness tolerance

Plus 10% minus 0.1

This item refers to copper sinking, solder mask, and pad spraying will increase the thickness of the board

Minimum line width


It is recommended to be larger than 6mil as much as possible, and the price of 4mil can be produced slightly higher

Minimum gap


It is recommended to be larger than 6mil as much as possible, and the price of 4mil can be produced slightly higher

Finished copper thickness


1oz=35um, 2oz=70um, 3oz105um

Finished inner copper thickness


The thickness of the four or six layers of 1.6/2.0 board can be specified according to the polite requirements.

Drilling diameter (machine drill)


0.2mm refers to the minimum hole diameter, 6.3mm is the maximum hole diameter,

Through hole single side welding ring

Greater than 0.153mm

If the electrical hole can be plugged into the hole, the single side welding ring is too small, but there is enough space in the place, then the size of the single side of the welding ring is not limited. If there is not enough space and there are dense wiring, the smallest single side The welding ring shall not be less than 0.153mm

Finished hole diameter (machine drill)


Due to the avoidance of metallic copper in the hole, the diameter of the finished product is generally smaller than the hole diameter in the file

Aperture tolerance (machine drill)

Plus or minus 0.08mm

The tolerance of the drilling hole is plus or minus 0.08mm. For example, if the hole is designed as 0.6mm, the actual diameter of 0.52~0.68mm is acceptable.


2.Six major craft options


Immersion Gold Craft

Depositing a chemical metal layer on the surface of the printed circuit, the color is stable, the brightness is good, the plating layer is flat, and the solderability of the nickel-gold plating layer can be basically divided into four stages: pretreatment (degreasing, micro-etching, activation, post-dipping ), immersion of nickel, immersion of gold, post-processing (waste gold washing, drying.

Electroplating process

The principle of electrolysis is the method of laying a layer of metal on the conductor, which can enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal (the coating metal is mostly corrosion-resistant metal), increase the hardness, prevent abrasion, improve the conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and surface Beautiful.

Lead-free tin spray process

Lead will increase the activity of the tin wire in the soldering process. Lead-tin is better than lead-free, but lead has °, long-term use is not good for the human body, and lead-free tin will have a higher melting point than lead-tin, so the solder joints Much firmer.

Lead spray tin process

The temperature of the leaded eutectic is lower than that of lead-free. The specific temperature difference, mechanical strength and brightness are determined by the alloy composition. Lead-free is better than lead-free in terms of brightness.


OSP is to chemically grow a layer of organic film on the clean bare copper surface. The solder joints are much stronger. The general process is degreasing-micro etching-pickling-pure water cleaning-organic coating- Clean.

Rosin process

The flux used in the soldering of electronic circuits, etc., it prevents the re-oxidation of the surface during soldering, improves the soldering performance, and the performance of the flux directly affects the quality of electronic products

3. Quality Assurance

1) 70 minutes of electrical drawing time, to ensure that the hole copper thickness is 18~22um, and the surface copper thickness is greater than 35um

2) Do general light test after copper sinking to ensure the adhesion of the holes

3) After etching, perform a slice analysis to ensure the thickness of the hole and the thickness of the surface copper

4) AOI optical scanning to ensure the straight-through rate of the line (to prevent open circuit, short circuit, and thin line)

5) High-speed screw flying probe test to ensure process yield

6) The solder mask is exposed by LED parallel exposure machine

7) High-precision laser text printing to ensure clear and accurate text

4. Quality Management

1) UL certification, certification number: E360489

2) ISO9001:2008 quality system certification

3) ISO/TS16949:2009 system certification

4) Huawei/ZTE and other enterprise standards

6) Strictly follow IPC6012 II/III/military standard/customer standard/internal standards to manage and regulate product processing

7) Strict customer information confidentiality management

5. Advanced equipment

1) Israel imported ORBOTECH AOI (automatic optical inspection), used to detect ultra-fine lines

2) The impedance tester imported from the United States meets the impedance test requirements of the product

3) PLASMA plasma treatment equipment, used to remove slag on the hole wall of high-frequency materials such as PTFE and ceramic fillers

4) Ende CNC drilling machine imported from Taiwan, used for back drilling and processing of controlled deep holes

5) Israel imported ORBOTECH LDI machine (laser enters vdn image directly), used for high-precision circuit graphics transfer

6) Ende CNC molding machine imported from Taiwan, used for deep-controlled milling groove processing of step groove structure products

7) The BURKLE press imported from Germany is used for the pressing of high-layer boards

8) Vacuum resin plugging machine for plugging holes in ultra-high-precision circuit BGA panels

9) Ion pollution tester, anti-stripping strength tester, hole copper tester, two-dimensional tester, gold thickness tester and other reliability test equipment to ensure product quality

6. Our advantage

1) Quality assurance, excellent materials, advanced equipment, strict quality system.

2) Fast delivery, one-stop solution from customer information and requirements, reduces customer costs and accelerates product launch.

3) Customizable, various PCB boards can be customized according to customer requirements.

4) Good service, one-to-one dedicated customer service, seamless connection throughout.

7. Information required by customers

1) PCB Gerber file

2) Order quantity

3) Material: FR4 (TG130, TG180, halogen-free), CEM-1, 94VO, aluminum base or others

4) Thickness: 1.6, 1.2, 1.0, 0.8, 0.6 or others

5) Copper thickness of PCB board: 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 1.5 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, 5 oz, 6 oz or other

6) Surface treatment: lead spray tin, lead-free spray tin, immersion gold, OSP, immersion silver, nickel plating or others

7) Solder mask color: green, red, white, yellow, black, blue or other

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