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  • 5V dual USB charger PCBA 1) The engineer adopts the stable design of power supply series, and the output voltage parameter of the circuit is stable continuously to prevent the voltage fluctuation from causing damage to the product's life. 2) Considering its durability, the circuit board shall purchase qualified brand supply components, carry out aging and testing for 720 hours without interruption, and repeatedly verify its durability. The circuit board shall be equipped with automatic fuse box, high-voltage or short-circuit automatic protection, and automatically restore the circuit board after safety. 3) The charger is applied to electronic and digital products such as mobile phones.

  • 5V1A adapter PCBA adapter PCBA As long as you tell us your functional requirements, our engineers will provide you with design, development and production solutions. We can design to any shape and size. We've done tens of thousands of customizations, and we know how to design and produce electronics that require professionalism and consistency. Our production are fully automatic production lines, can provide you with stable quality and consistent performance of products.

  • Depositing a chemical metal layer on the surface of the printed circuit, the color is stable, the brightness is good, the plating layer is flat, and the solderability of the nickel-gold plating layer can be basically divided into four stages: pretreatment (degreasing, micro-etching, activation, post-dipping ), immersion of nickel, immersion of gold, post-processing (waste gold washing, drying.

  • 1) Quality assurance, excellent materials, advanced equipment, strict quality system. 2) Fast delivery, one-stop solution from customer information and requirements, reduces customer costs and accelerates product launch. 3) Customizable, various PCB boards can be customized according to customer requirements. 4) Good service, one-to-one dedicated customer service, seamless connection throughout.

  • 1) Overcharge protection 2) Over discharge protection 3) Short circuit protection 4) Overcurrent protection