Wireless mobile phone charging Desk lamp PCBA
  • Air ProWireless mobile phone charging Desk lamp PCBA
  • Air ProWireless mobile phone charging Desk lamp PCBA
  • Air ProWireless mobile phone charging Desk lamp PCBA
  • Air ProWireless mobile phone charging Desk lamp PCBA

Wireless mobile phone charging Desk lamp PCBA

Power supply mode, dc5 0V power supply. One key input controls two LED outputs. Power on does not work. Short press on to turn on 80% brightness of white light. Short press in sequence: white light - yellow light - white light + yellow light - turn off and cycle in sequence. Long press to adjust the brightness of 6% - 100%, one long press down and one long press up. After the key is pressed for about 550ms, the brightness of the main light starts to change smoothly, and stops at the corresponding brightness after being released. The dimming time from the lowest to the highest brightness is about 2.5 seconds (the output frequency is about 30kHz). There is continuous power to remember the brightness, and the brightness before memory is turned off.

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Product Description

1. Parametric 

parameter Symbol minimum value Typical value Maximum Company condition
working voltage VDD 2.2 3 5 V
Working current IOP 1.5 mA
Quiescent current ISTB 5 uA VDD=5.0V
Driving current 14 mA VDD=5.0V
working temperature TA -40 25 85
Storage temperature Tstg -65 25 150

2. Custom instructions:

We specialize in designing PCBA circuit scheme and undertake various PCBA R & D, design, board copying and production. Our company has a professional team integrating design and development, which can design and debug according to the requirements of customers and realize the functions required by customers. It can also be produced according to the samples provided by customers. The following pictures are the representative pictures of the successful scheme designed on behalf of customers. The pictures on the Internet are some samples we produce for our customers.

As long as you tell us your functional requirements, our engineers will provide you with design, development and production solutions. We can design it in any shape and size. We have completed tens of thousands of customizations. We know how to design and produce electronic products that need to be professional and consistent. Our products are all automatic production lines, which can provide you with products with stable quality and consistent performance. The establishment of long-term cooperative relationship is conducive to maintaining the stability of product quality and follow-up technical services.

3.Service Introduction:

1) Pre sales: the pre-sales meeting will actively communicate with customers about detailed information, customer needs, product parameters and quality standards, provide consultation, accept telephone and mail orders, and provide a variety of convenience and financial services.

2)During sale: provide customers with solutions with the best performance price ratio, actively track contract signing, goods delivery and help customers solve difficulties.

3)After sales: A. if it is the dissatisfaction caused by the quality problem of the product itself. We will help the customer deal with the problem as soon as possible during the agreed period. B. If the product cannot be used normally due to human reasons. We explain the cause of the problem to the customer, saying that such problems are not within the scope of our warranty, and then provide other solutions to the customer according to the customer's problems.

4: Order and payment delivery method

1) Payment method: 30% in advance, and the balance shall be paid off after delivery. 2) If the spot quantity meets the requirements, it can be delivered immediately.

3) If you don't know about the products, please go to the exhibition cabinet of our company to see the samples and place an order after confirmation. If the quality is OK, you can place an order. If there is any difference between the products and the samples, you can return and exchange the goods. The quality is subject to the samples!

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